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( Aug. 1st, 2016 12:08 pm)
There is one in the office probably the ring leader of sorts. She is the type that becomes the best friend of the newly hired and builds allegiances solely for the purpose of getting people fired later. We are a small company even after two mergers and she is responsible for at least half of the people let go. The scary thing being she has only been with the company since 2013. Her first month she befriended the marketing admin that through a very complicated series of events too much so to go into here felt threatened and hatched a complaint against the Creative Director. The trouble maker aligned herself with the Marketing Assistant within days of the alleged incident they were going to each others homes after work, making dinner, going out the whole nine. Miraculously even though she did not actually see what happened and the person that did was never questioned somehow this woman became one of the only witnesses to the accusation. The guy was fired and it took him almost two years to find another job. Blessedly he is working for Belk in the same type position today but especially being a black guy in the south it was a tough road. I listened to her last week go on about the Realtor her dad chose to sell his vacation house. When another co-worker asked "what's so bad about him?" She goes "well first I can't hang with him" then she launches into a bunch of non issue things like him not having a Facebook page for the listing and the next thing you know this guy a personal friend of her father's I might add is the worst Realtor in town. She said "when I was talking to dad he said well I won't use him in the future and I told him good" GOOD??? You just lost business for this man for no reason other than you could. She loves doing it and it's hard to watch it happen over and over in the office.

So anyway her new narrative is the IT Director is awful and nothing works and he's unresponsive. I was in my team meeting and our CMO says "well just document any issue no matter how small and take it to his boss. Don't take it to him take it to his boss so it can get taken care of" because despite the fact the IT Director always responds and I mean always even on vacation he will answer and work on issues. Since she says he's unresponsive and she's said it long enough and to the right people in social situations when they are receptive to taking her opinion above common sense, any issue should be taken up with his boss. I know sooner or later she's coming for me so I guess I should worry about myself but I just couldn't keep silent so I warned the IT Director about the bad moon rising over his job. I swear I hate this shit!!!!!!!!!!!

**EDIT**There is an issue going on between us and the digital team specifically the SEO writer and the woman in question actually said "Yeah I just don't like her but it doesn't matter because she won't have a job soon anyway" the fact that she is not this girl's boss, doesn't live in Amsterdam, and except for this very petty issue has little to nothing to do with her on a daily basis. Her glee at the idea of someone being out of job is really disturbing.

On a brighter note Mr. Corey has been special I think because he's pissed I went on vacation without him. In fairness we are due for a beach trip. At any rate to give Cam peace and keep them from killing each other after I spent Friday night and a big part of Saturday thanking K for the celebratory orgasm. I took Corey to Pisgah Forest yesterday for cooler weather, sliding rock fun, and a change of scenery. It was the perfect respite from the heat and sleep deprivation.

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