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I swear I will go a couple of months just fine then all the weird instant messages start again.  I had weirdo just now and before him I had kinky corvette guy this morning.  Check out what I have to put up with to use ICQ at work...

 do you like to be bad at work??
Me: nope I like having "work" to go to you know what I mean?
then after the what do you do are you married questions I get...
are you into making yourself cum in public places?
Me: I don't make a habit of it no
Me: why is that what you are into?
weirdo: i like women that try to do that - find it a big turn on
weirdo: are you into phone sex???
Me: my personality is much more private what you see is never what you get behind closed doors but it's not for public consumption
weirdo: ah ok - i will stop bothering you then - take care

Umm yeah, why do men think they can just pull a name off the ICQ list and find someone to be "bad" at work or do sex acts for his sexual entertainment in public places?  WTF?  I swear these guys are watching far too much reality television or something.  So this morning I am chatting with MNG and then I get kinky corvette guy who I noticed later I have ignored and blocked 5 times prior.  I guess I wasn't joking when I told MNG I would have blocked him.  I am cutting and pasting kinky corvette and MNG and I are chatting about him, because you know why work when I have kinky corvette guy looking for a threesome?

hey check out this guy who just sent the random hi
cah1470: his profile is hilarious
cah1470: Nick: kinky corvette man
Gender: Male
Birthday: 02/10/1960
Age: 46
Additional Information:
just a fun loving hippy guy that enjoys life and good for a girlfriend to be wild and sexy and love taking weekend open minded..i am slim and goodlooking and fun to be with...i do love 3somes with other men joining in and i am the cyber
MNG: ask him if he has another man to do the threesome with
cah1470: lol
cah1470: but he is straight he did point that out
MNG: ask him if he has
cah1470: kinky corvette guy
MNG:: lol
cah1470: you want me to ask kinky corvette guy if he has?
MNG: sure
MNG: are you sure it is not kink chevette man?
cah1470: he said yes, that is his lifestyle
MNG:: he ain't straight
cah1470: lol
cah1470: well right now he is explaining how he can arrange a 3some without cyber
cah1470: because I am curious
MNG: it is just a lure
cah1470: a lure for what?
MNG: to get someone to respond
(09:33:33) cah1470: (09:27:13) CAH1470: well I always read people are "into 3somes" but how exactly do you manage to have one? It just seems like a logistical nightmare it is hard enough to find one person you want to have sex with let alone 2
(09:31:14) chevetteman: when i have a gf i always have her dress up for the occassion...short dress....garter panties....fishnet stockings...make-up...things like that...dress like a slut actually but sexy too...then we go to bars away from wheer we are because i am a guy that is extremely discrete...then get a hotel room and getting guys to fuck a gf i am with is always very easy
MNG: bullshit, he is a newbie
cah1470: lol
MNG:: you think?
cah1470: yeah I think he is fishing but most people are when they send out the hi IMs most peoples profiles are just fishing expeditions
(09:37:36) cah1470: 09:34:18) CAH1470: are guys put off though?
(09:34:21) chevetteman: it sure isnt hard at all....just need me the right loving gf
(09:35:39) chevetteman: no...the other guys come on to a gf i am with and she gets them excited to fuck her and we pretend i dont know her and she works on me and another guys for a 3some with her and i am always the first one to say hell yea i will do that
MNG: yeah, discreet, weekend trips? Bring her in the side door.
MNG: he is full of shit.
MNG: yeah, okay and threesome with a corvette, someone is going to driving alone.
MNG: i hope he has a sidecar
cah1470: you are terrible you know that
MNG: i just call it like i see it.
cah1470: ok he is 47 years old if he didn't lie
cah1470: he doesn't have anything more interesting than 3somes and girlfriends to put on his profile?
MNG: we think a like, so you are terrible as well
(09:43:31) cah1470: (09:40:07) chevetteman: you think you would enjoy 3somes the way i love them
(09:41:39) CAH1470: I am open to try new things but I am not a fan of random sex acts
(09:42:43) CAH1470: not judging I just don't think it would be my thing
(09:44:13) cah1470: (09:43:50) chevetteman: 3somes arent a random thing with me....its a plan to go out for a 3some night...and its a once in awhile thing....i am the kind of guy that loves to watch a gf fuck another guy and i join in later...i find it so erotic to see a guy fuck a gf i love...thats so hot to me to watch
cah1470: he is lame
MNG: LOL yes
(09:49:03) cah1470: 09:48:24) chevetteman: but mostly i love to see a guys dick fucking a gf's pussy...i love to see it all...just like watching hard core porn movies but its live
cah1470: once again another guy trying to find porn in real life
cah1470: why?
MNG: he is sad, but he did get you to chat with him. i will give him credit for that.
cah1470: nope you got me to chat with him
cah1470: I would have blocked him after reading his profile
MNG: oh, i wanted to see if he had his man lined up. If he had that, it may have not been so lame
cah1470: well it appears he uses his girlfriends as bait so they can perform a live action porn flick for his entertainment
cah1470: why HE wouldnt want to have sex with his girlfriend instead of watching some other guy do it is beyond me
MNG: do you think he has any girlfiends?
cah1470: umm no
(09:58:33) CAH1470: 09:57:06) chevetteman: maybe you would like having a guy like me for a bf then
MNG: is he brain damaged?
CAH1470: yeah I believe so
CAH1470: do you see now why I just ignore them or block them right away?
CAH1470: (09:58:28) chevetteman: do you have a picture
(09:58:39) CAH1470: do you?
(09:59:36) chevetteman: no...i got a new computer and havent had time to do much else on it
MNG: yeah, he has never been in a dating scene, or is way out of practice.
CAH1470: I swear I hate being a girl sometimes;  all we have to do is breathe and you guys start masturbating
MNG: yeah, breathing is a good start
CAH1470: LOL
CAH1470: he has no idea what I look like or if I am even a girl
CAH1470: and he is already asking me if I like anal sex
CAH1470: jeez
MNG: lol
MNG: yeah, he wants live porn
CAH1470: well it is amazing how easily a man can get off, the randomness of it, I could look like jabba from star wars you know
MNG: well, jabba has a very moist mouth
CAH1470:  Men!

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