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([personal profile] cah1470 Jan. 23rd, 2007 09:52 am)
Three words that fill most women with terror even when they want to be late.  I missed blog for choice day but I don't care.  Damn skippy I am pro-choice and it pisses me off that we are still having the conversation.  It shouldn't even be a debate who has final say over MY body.  Men have choice why are we still debating whether I have a choice?  Men can choose to leave, men can choose not to support the woman or the child for that matter, men can choose to WEAR A FUCKING CONDOM! 

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So, tell me again about how men can choose to have the child if the women doesn't want it? Or how men can choose not to have a child - and 18 years of support - if a woman does want it?

Women have the choice of a dozen varieties of birth control pills, IUDs, Diaphragms, implants, "morning after" products, and a few odd other methods. Let's not confuse the "choice" issue: Choice refers to women who choose to have abortions over carrying to term; it's not about the wide variety of preventative birth control options already available.

And women can just as easily choose not to support their children. I've seen it. I raised my nephew for a year while his mentally incompetent mother tried - in vain - to get her life back together. In fact, she "chose" to leave her husband because they "weren't getting along," and in so doing took three children to live in poverty and (I'm going to use an old-fashioned word because it fits) squalor. At the end of the year, we handed the nephew over to his father (who had not abandoned his own responsibilities, he just lived across the country).

Sorry for the rant. I support "choice", but I also hate to see women bash men while confusing the issues. If you look closely, you'll find that a large number of the "anti-choice" supporters are women.

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Tom never apologize for a good rant besides I agree with you partly anyway. I think pregnancy and choice is an easy issue to blur and confuse when you ARE the woman making the hard choices and living with them. Sure there are men out there who have to live with the tough choices but on average the majority of the time it is still the woman. Things have changed and I am grateful for Roe v Wade but things haven't changed that much. Men still have far more power, O'Connor is long gone and I didn't see many women in line to replace her. And at the end of the day the debate is still going on NOT because there are christian groups out there with the women trotted out to blur the issues. The debate is still going on because those with the most power are still those without a uterus. There will always be women out there to support family values, the same as there are women out there that still debate women being treated equally in the workforce. But it still seems to be a large percentage of men more than willing to trot out the argument that women "blur" the issues and that there are more "women" in support of prolife when they know full well the place where the decisons are made and the laws are passed are still largly controlled by men...

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