I have been really busy and quite lazy when it comes to posting on LJ.  So I left off with general peace and tranquility Saturday morning.  I did get a lot of housework done, Cam and I had a wonderful breakfast together, and then we went out and ran a few errands in peace.  It is hard to describe what it is like for me to run to Lowes or Walmart on Saturday afternoon without stress.  But needless to say it's a big deal.  I breathed quite a few sighs of relief Saturday.  Then I dropped Cam off with my mom and came home and dressed for Purgatory. [profile] roonie  told me she was going on first so I tried to get there relatively early.  Yeah no such luck.  I was pulled over and I must say yes it was because I am black and I was driving my poor excuse for a car.  I don't blame things that happen to me on my race but in this instance... Yeah he stopped me because I am black.  Anyway after a half hour and after he checked everything he could possibly check and came back with zilch.  He finally wrote me a warning ticket for having my plate in the window.  Now granted the back end is wrecked and I can't put the license plate there, a fact he acknowledged by the way.  But he said "you need to get that fixed so you can move your plate out of the window."  No shit sherlock I need a whole new car motherfucker are you offering?  Oops sorry folks I am back there, back at angry black female avenue.  I will shake it off and move on....

I caught the end of [profile] roonie  's show and I must say, wow.  The lady did a great job and she was serious business.  There was none of the fake stuff going on and she took the whip like a champ.  Better than I would have let me tell ya.  The other performers weren't as good to me, but I still had a great time.  I went home to an empty house and it was oh so nice.  My plan was to pick Cam up and then get Corey on my way home.  No such luck, Vikki was going to church early AND she had a very upset Corey with her, it seems he was just as bad if not worse than he was when I last saw him, sigh.  Within three hours of being home I had to call Don.  I don't like to call Don as most of you know.   I just don't, it never serves anything but to piss me off.  Unfortunately there weren't many alternatives Corey punched another hole in the wall 2 inches from my head.  I didn't want the next punch to be my face so I was forced to lower my pride and call him.  So Corey is yelling in the background and I call Don and ask if he can take him for a few hours.  Just so he can get a break, maybe it would calm him down the change of scenery.  Don doesn't say anything he is completely silent for like 3 minutes.  So of course I lose my temper... "Don it's a simple yes or no question."  Don, "no it's not maybe I have something else to do and can't drop everything just because you called" Me "Well then the answer is no, still very simple.  But for the record since you only have him for 6 hours out of every month I think you can probably reschedule whatever you have planned until after you bring him home.  Because lord knows you aren't going to keep him long"  Don "What is wrong with HIM?  Why is he yelling like that?"  Me "Newsflash he is autistic asshole did you just wake up from a 15 year long motherfucking dream?  He is autistic remember?"  Don "ok, I will be there in a few minutes"

Bleh!  Then to add insult to injury when he does show up Cam actually asked him if it was ok if he went too.  You know like he is asking a distant uncle or something to join in on an outing.  It was pathetic.  He grudgingly said yes mostly because even Don is not a big enough asshole to look Cam in the face and tell him no when he just wants to spend time with him.  Unfortunately things haven't gotten much better on the Corey front.  He had his doctor's appt on Monday and big surprise the same med (the one that didn't work last time) was prescribed.  Dr. G said to bring him back in 2 weeks and if we don't see an improvement,  if he hasn't calmed down any he will increase the dosage.  Mind you he said "increase the dosage" not change the med, sigh.  But I am pretty much stuck with this now.  There aren't many other options so I have to go with this.  He is the doctor and I am just the looney parent and no matter what I say it just seems to land on deaf ears. I just hope I still have a house when we finally do find an answer.  The real joke is I keep talking to deaf ears because they all treat me like I don't understand.  Like Corey isn't even worse when he is at home safe and comfortable. They think his little tirades at school are something but they don't have anything on me.  So Corey followed up the wall decoration at my house with a bigger one he kicked in the wall at daycare.  Then he followed that up with spitting in the new one on one person's face on Tuesday. Yeah good times. But with all that said...

Vikki had Corey Tues night and I had a quiet night and I got a full night's sleep.  Guess who was the 1st person to call and wish me a Happy Birthday?  Yep Don, strangely he has been the 1st person since I was 19.  He called like Sunday never happened it is the weirdest thing.  But I am long past trying to figure out.  I took yesterday off and D showed me a wonderful time.  As I said elsewhere "there was flogging, and spanking, and bondage, oh my!)  But there was also champagne and chocolate a very sweet gift and tenderness.  I broke down after our session, all the pent up tension of the last few weeks had no where to go.  D pulled me into a hug that I can barely describe and I cried like a baby.  Luckily he doesn't scare easy, but he asked me out for lunch today.  I think partly to continue what we had going yesterday but I think he also wanted to make sure I was alright.  I am not sure what I needed more but the session, the hug, and the concern were greatly appreciated.  I met him at 9:00 yesterday morning and I didn't get home until 2:30.  I took a nice long nap and then wound up rushing to pick Cam up like I had been at work all day.  Mom surprised me with a party to go with dinner.  I thought we would all get together and have dinner and that would be it.  But when I got there she had balloons and music and a wonderful cake from the bakery and she ordered dinner so we wouldn't have to deal with Corey and the crowds.  They all bought gifts for me and I danced with Troy and I danced with Cameron.  It was lovely,  the perfect end to the day.  And to top it all off?  Corey went to bed without a peep.  I was so relieved because my arms and legs were like wet noodles I must admit.  There is no way I would have been able to handle him if he had decided to act up.  

It's Vikki's turn with our phantom menace so I am going to run a couple of errands after work and call it a night.  I have the book club meeting on Saturday, I am really looking forward to it.  Of course one of my errands is to go and buy the book so I can read it tonight and tomorrow :)  Well sue me I have been really busy after all...

***btw the userpic is one of the pics taken by [profile] roonie , the girl can take pics and she can tie some rope too***
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