I was running late this morning I do believe I am coming down with something, bleh.  I was already late but Monroe Rd. was closed to add insult to injury.  It seems a drunk driver hit a couple of poles knocked out the power for a few blocks (way to go!).  I was resigned to being late and just taking Cam to school.  We are sitting in the car and we are negotiating when he can get out and wait by the door.  You see Cam is a big boy now he is 10 years old and as he carefully explained this morning much too old to have his mom wait with him for school to open.  "It's only 10 minutes mom you know 600 seconds, that's not bad."  So I told him "well I feel better with 300 seconds."  "5 minutes?  Come on mom..." Yes we have conversations like this.  So after we established that 5 minutes or 300 seconds depending on your point of view is the reasonable time he can wait alone.  He reached over to give me a kiss goodbye.  And got shocked, I swear sometimes I am a walking energy field I don't know why.  Anyway he got his bookbag and told me goodbye "bye mom, I love you even though you electrocuted my lips..." Do you see why I spend most of my time smiling when Cameron is around???

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