I am so over the gloomy mood folks.  I just don't do down and out very well.  Yes Corey is still with Vikki and I haven't seen him yet.  Yes we are still struggling with the meds and the bus driver has threatened that he only has one more incident and she is going to kick him off.  And the ankle yes it is still very broken, swollen, and throbbing.  Probably because I am still working, driving, and moving...

But on a lighter note check out the photo idea [profile] roonie and I have come up with when I get my cast off.  We are thinking 70s like Angela Davis or Foxy Brown.  Yep I have already ordered the afro wig she has the hot pants so now all I need is the tie up tank and I will be set. Although I would love to pull off the look Michael created on Project Runway last season (check out the user pic).  But I am sure with the makeup and [profile] roonie's expertise the pics will turn out really cool.

From: [identity profile] nstig8r.livejournal.com

YESSSSSSSSSSS...... that would be great! you can make any photo look great tho.
and btw, i love me some p-funk

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