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([personal profile] cah1470 Jul. 3rd, 2007 09:55 pm)
The weekend was great of course there were glitches it's me after all. 1st? Well I made a point to pack, get my directions, and have everything I needed in the kitchen so I wouldn't forget anything. Cam was not happy with the news he was staying with Vikki overnight. He saw my suitcase by the door Friday morning and immediately assumed I would be gone a long time. I kept assuring him I was only leaving for the weekend. Anyway I was talking to him instead of paying attention. I had my purse and my suitcase but I didn't have my directions or my cell phone...I left them on the counter. I didn't discover this mistake until I was halfway to Atlanta without nstig8r's phone number on me or the directions I had to go back, sigh. Anyway I finally made it to Atlanta and wound up driving my car. What? Yep folks you didn't misread I took my heap to New Orleans. But it wasn't bad my air condition works and hey I have satellite radio (which is very important you understand). The only time I felt a little weird is with the valet parking...yes you didn't misread I used valet parking because well because it was damn convenient.  Just because I drive a heap doesn't mean I like being inconvenienced. Anyway back to the glitches...nstig8tr and I were talking and the traffic was unbelievably heavy in Atlanta we missed the break from 75/85 and stayed on 75 instead of 85. Luckily I noticed this before we wound up in Florida but again we had to do a little back tracking. I must insert here that we did have a great time. None of this was a big deal in the scheme of things. I am laid back and luckily she is too so we laughed it off and enjoyed our weekend. And yes we did make it to New Orleans without any other mishaps.

The concert was awesome just awesome...On Sunday when we were walking around I was stopped a couple of times "you went to see the Police?" I had my concert shirt on "I should have gone" yeah you should have...sieze the day is what I always say. It turns out The Police are coming to Atlanta after all in November. The cheap seats sold in no time flat and the seats left are $235. I am happy we went to New Orleans very happy actually. The show was great and we were able to do a little sight seeing.

Cafe Beignet...everyone keeps saying we should have gone to Cafe Du Monde instead but from what I could see it's the tourist's place to go. I liked being in the small cafe and I liked the beignets. Besides if we would have made the trek to Cafe Du Monde we would have gotten drenched. And that was the word for the weekend "lucky" I know it wouldn't seem like it with the backtracking but in truth we were very fortunate. It rained but we missed almost all of it. We were able to get decent seats to the show, the hotel we found was wonderful...very nice, even the valet was cute and helpful. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer but that is my only complaint. Oh and the french restaurant where we had dinner??? Yum! A five course meal and every course was great. I would go again even for the short time frame in a heartbeat.
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