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Birthdate:Feb 14
Location:North Carolina, United States of America
Website:Never Judge A Book By Its Cover
I am a starbucks person I could hangout there all day with my laptop. Hell I am a coffee person I can't start the day without it. I have two wonderful sons that I love very much. My oldest son is autistic so autism is not just an interest for me but an important part of my life. I can be a chatterbox, and I am not afraid to use profanity; sometimes fuck is just the only word that will do ;) I probably read at least one book a week but I am a big romance novel fan. I can be such a cynic but what can I say I like a corny love story too. I also enjoy reading slash there isn't a cornier love story than Kirk and Spock or Harry and Snape. Maybe Harry Potter and Snape is a bad example they are more in line with my strange fascination with bondage. I prefer hemp over nylon, just FYI. I am a huge music fan and enjoy going to concerts and music festivals. I love football, physical Panther football; with hard tackles that I watch on Inside the NFL so I can see it on film and in slow motion. I am a flaming liberal and proud of it. I am not afraid of gay marriage I am afraid of the Christian coalition running things...

I have recently discovered photography or I have become full of myself depending on your point of view. Either way I am having fun with HNT on my blog and also taking fetish pics with Roonie from time to time.
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