Mom, left and didn't come back. I still can't believe it, mom left and didn't come back. After Don dropped the boys off things went downhill (if arguing with Don at 1:00 am and wasting my gas driving back from his house)weren't enough. Corey didn't go back to sleep (big surprise), and every thing that could go wrong did. Corey ate one of the bags of shredded cheese. Cam cut open a can of pork n beans with a knife while I was in a shower and got it all over the living room. And to be honest I was frustrated that I couldn't go to church. I went to the store to replace the cheese so I could start dinner and when I got back Cam had let mom in. I was frustrated because I didn't have anything ready, I had forgotten the corn starch and I had to go back to the store, and I was just cranky in general. Cam has been difficult lately, lying and getting into stuff and I can't handle that and Corey. Anyway I lashed out at Cam for letting mom in the house. Mom mistook my frustration to mean that I didn't want her in my house. It really upsets me that my relationship with mom is so fragile that any carelessness on my part can damage it so much. So she said she had to go to the store, when I called she said she was on the other side of town and "would be back later". By the time Jermaine arrived I realized that I might have hurt her feelings so I called and apologized but I guess it was too late because she didn't call back and she didn't come over. Another lovely holiday, like only I can have them.


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